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Your tooth will need a Root canal if it has a deep cavity, a deep filling, an infection or abcess.  Looking for a dentist in downtown montreal to have a root canal, call us!

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When bacteria enter your tooth through cavities, cracks or flawed filling margins, the nerve is at risk of developing an infection. With time, an infection to the nerve will lead to the formation of an abscess often associated with a constant throbbing pain, discomfort when eating or even swelling. An abscess left untreated can lead to serious oral health problems and systemic health complications.


A successful root canal treatment will remove the infected tissue allowing you to retain your natural tooth. Rather than extracting your tooth and having to replace it with an artificial one, you are able to keep your natural dentition. That being said, endodontically treated teeth with large fillings and strong masticatory forces may need a crown to protect them from future fracture or breakage.

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