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Do you have a tooth that need a crown? We are your dentist in downtown montreal.

If your tooth is extensively broken, has a large filling, or a root canal, it is prone to further damage or premature tooth loss. 


A crown, or a cap, covers the damaged or weakened part of the tooth and protects it from further damage and possible early tooth loss. A crown is a simple and predictable treatment allowing to restore the natural shape, appearance and function of your tooth.


Crowns can be fabricated in various types of materials, shapes and colours, and are therefore a great solution to improve aesthetics. Generally, crown longevity is between 10-15 years.


Are you missing a  tooth? A bridge is a great way to replace your missing tooth. We are your dentist in downtown montreal.

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A bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis that replaces one or more missing teeth. A traditional bridge uses your natural teeth on each side of the missing teeth as support. The missing artificial tooth is fused to these crowns to create a bridge.


In cases where the natural teeth used to support the missing tooth are healthy, we may recommend dental implants as an alternative to a bridge. An implant is a more conservative approach since healthy teeth will not be filed down in preparation for the crowns.


General life span of a bridge is 10-15 years with proper oral care.

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