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When should my kids start going to the dentist?

Parents often ask us, when should my kids start going to the dentist?

The Canadian Dental Association recommends a child's first dental visit to be six months after their first tooth erupts, usually around their first birthday. The first appointment is quick and the main focus is to make sure that parents are brushing their kids teeth correctly and offer the child a positive first experience. Choosing a clinic that has a warm, friendly and welcoming environment with experience in treating kids is key to a positive experience and long term patient- dentist relationship.

Preparing your child for their appointment

To make your kids dental experience easy and positive, prevention is key. Many parents put their kids to sleep with a bottle of milk. Although milk is nutritious, did you know that lactose is converted in glucose and milk is the leading cause of early childhood caries. For a healthy mouth, dentists recommended after brushing your childs' teeth, to only drink water and to minimize sugar rich snacks.

Keep an eye on your kids’ dental hygiene habits and don’t forget to take them for regular exam and cleaning twice a year! Prevention reduces the chances of your child requiring extensive dental work. Having a positive relationship with the dentist will build trust for your child and if problems arise, your kids will not be nervous to have treatment.

Dentists recommend to be vague when describing the treatment to your child, but it’s important to be open and honest about what they’ll likely be going through, using positive language and reaffirming the benefits of the experience– like having healthy gums and teeth!

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