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How to Keep my Toothbrush Clean

Did you know that even if your toothbrush may look clean, it can actually contain over a million microscopic bacteria. Even if you brush and floss daily, a dirty toothbrush can limit your effort to fight bacteria and keep your mouth clean.

It is important to take proper care of your brush and replace it regularly in order to maintain good oral health. Here are effective ways to keep your toothbrush clean and increase it's durability.

Wash & Dry Correctly

After brushing we recommend to rinse your toothbrush with hot water. Shake the toothbrush to remove any additional paste or debris, then rinse again in cold water. Make sure you place it in an open space to allow it to air-dry to avoid growing bacteria. Putting it in a case will lead to bacterial incubation and growth.

Sanitize with Solution

For a more thorough cleaning, you can sanitize your toothbrush by dipping it in a mixture of one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in one cup of water. Then swish it around for 30 seconds and rinse it with water and let air-dry.

Sanitize via UV Rays

UV sanitizers are increasingly popular for keeping your toothbrush clean. The ultraviolet rays are highly effective at killing germs, but some critics note these may also reduce the life of your toothbrush.

Replace your Toothbrush Regularly

Even if your toothbrush may look clean, after months of use, the bristles will wear out and will not do their job of cleaning your teeth effectively. Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3-4 months to keep your bristles clean.

Don’t Share Toothbrushes

Even if you’re comfortable sharing food, drinks, and utensils with friends and family members, it’s best not to share a toothbrush. Sharing a toothbrush means sharing someone else’s bacteria. Some people’s gums may bleed after brushing, which means you are sharing more than saliva and could expose yourself to disease.

Follow these tips for better oral health today. Keep in mind using a clean toothbrush and replacing it regularly are key for a healthy mouth.


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