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Canadian Dental Care Plan

Updated: Apr 28

One fee for all for the same treatment 

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), established by the Government of Canada, will begin in May 1st 2024 and will be gradually implemented for various age groups. The goal is over 2.5 million Quebecers will be able to benefit from it. Perhaps you will be one of them? As dentists, we are pleased to join this program to improve access to oral care for more people will this unprecedented financial assistance program. 

We would like to clarify an important point regarding the fee policy of our dental clinic. Regardless of whom we treat, we are committed to providing everyone with the same quality of care, the same professionalism, and at the same fee. Our code of ethics requires us to have the same fee for the same treatment for all our patients. 

In addition to being ethical, it is fair and equitable for all patients, whether they are privately insured, covered by a public plan like the CDCP, or have no coverage for dental care. 

How will it work?

If you are a beneficiary of this new plan, you will receive in the mail your CDCP card from Sunlife. When you present to your dental appointment, you will need to provide a photo ID (health insurance card, driver's license, etc.) as well as your CDCP card. Our office will submit estimates and claims electronically to Sunlife and we will be able to provide you with your eligibility and coverage in detail. Although you may now benefit from substantial financial assistance through this program, you will have to pay the difference between the amount the CDCP will reimburse us and our usual fees. Your dentist charges the same fee for the same treatment. Not only is this fair, but it is also an ethical obligation. 

As we are excited to be part of your oral health team, please remember the CDCP is designed to reduce financial barriers and improve access to dental care. Our goal is to offer all patients the same quality of care and service, therefore remember that following your appointment, you will need to pay a certain fee for the rendered service.

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